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WHY choose us?

Is FU style Tai chi, Pa kua, Hsing Yi, your smart choice ?


1). We have now opened Fu style online classes. You can learn the unique FU style, unlimited, anytime, anywhere and right now!!!

2) . The traditional old Fu style Wudang quan is a very good and special style, it has rich content with more than ten sets : Include the three main elements of Wudang quan — Tai chi quan, Pa kua quan and Hsing yi quan series. The famous 3 styles Tai chi quan, Chen, Yang  and Wu style, have no Pa kua or Hsing Yi.

3). Enhances physical fitness more effectively.

Three generations of Fu style masters with 200 years of historical experience. The first generation — Fu Zhensong (1881– 1953), the second generation — Fu Yonghui (1911 – 1993) and third generation — Fu Victor Shenglong (1946 – present), inherited, developed and innovated Fu style. With more than thirty sets, innovative waist technique, body skills, more beautiful movements, and more reasonable self- defence.  

4). Internationally welcomed Fu style Wudang quan has been passed to Canada, United States, Germany and Italy.

       为什么选择我们 — 傅家太极,八卦,形意,是你聪明的选择?


1). 傅家拳巳经开办了网上学習班.你可以无限次,隨時隨地学習到独一无=的傅家拳了!!!

2).传统老式傅家武當拳是非常好的.特別的,有豐富內容的十多套.它包含了武當拳的三个主要元素–太极拳,八卦拳和形意拳系列. 著名的三大太极拳名家: 陈,杨,吴,就没有八卦拳和形意拳系列.

3). 增强体质更有效.三代傅家拳师傅积累了二百年历史经验.第1代–傅振嵩( 1881年–1953年) ,第2代– 傅永辉 ( 1911年 – 1993年) 和第3代 — Victor 傅勝龍( 1946年 — 现在) 继承,发展和创新了傅家武當拳.拥有30多套拳,械.创新了腰法,身法技巧.动作更优美,技击更合理.

4). 受到国际欢迎.傅家拳己经传到加拿大,美国,德国,意大利.